I Touched a Star

I used to admire that star far far away

I knew it was out of my reach

Still I dreamed of it

Knowing deep inside my heart that I could succeed.

I swore to work hard day and night

And make that star mine

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy

But I had made up my mind.

Folks laughed at me

They said, you know what you are trying to achieve?

I said yes,

I maybe young and my ways naive.

But I’m not gonna stop

Come what may and I don’t care even if I die

I pushed myself to the maximum limits

Tested myself against all odd and yes it did hurt I will not lie.

Enjoy the journey to your goal

Wise used to say

Its a pleasure in itself

Make it pass quickly was but my only pray.

And at last I touched that star

Of which I had always dreamed

And it was beautiful there

See I made it, I screamed.

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